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Keeping Track of Your Health

A personal health record is a collection of your health information.  The term personal health record may also be abbreviated as PHR. A personal health record can contain details about past medical illnesses and surgeries. It may also include a list of current medications and conditions, allergies, and vaccinations. In essence, you may add any pertinent health related information to your personal health record (myPHR, 2009; MedlinePlus, 2010).

There are many important reasons for keeping track of your health. This may potentially save you money and time. It may save you money by not having to repeat routine laboratory tests. Moreover, you are not wasting your valuable time to repeat an unnecessary exam. Most importantly, you will have a more flexible access to your health history (myPHR, 2009). In addition, your personal record may provide a new health provider with an overview of your medical background.

There are a few ways to keep track of your health information. A very simple method is to write down on a sheet of paper a list of you medical conditions, surgeries, allergies, and current medications. If you have an allergy make sure to note what is the allergic reaction. Additionally, you can also keep any other information related to your health in a personal file. Some people keep a list of medications in their wallet. Another way to keep track of your health is to create a Google Health record on the internet. Check out the video below about Google Health.


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